Sheet-Pan Fried Rice With Vegan ‘XO’ Sauce Recipe (2024)



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I now make all my "fried" rice variations in the oven. The rice gets a lovely crispiness, and the veggies aren't soggy. We are mostly vegan, so I add tofu rectangles, precooked in the micro for 3 minutes, then drain and toss with the rice and sauce, cook in the oven for a bit, then add veggies and toss again before finishing the roasting. After removing from the oven I add grated carrots, chopped cilantro and green onion, chopped cashews or peanuts, and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Sooo good.


To sub for the eggs, I might try grating or crumbling some extra-firm (pressed) tofu into the rice along with the vegs in step 4.


This is pretty fab! That said:The prep alone takes close to 30 minutes, before any cooking happens. The sauce, which is awesome, took longer for me than the initial 15 minutes for the rice, so get that rolling first, and add the mushrooms, etc., before the rice goes in the oven. Be sure the rice is day-old at least, and cold. The 1t of Kosher salt was too much - I’ll use much less or none, next time. Had no dark soy sauce so used vegetarian Worcestershire instead, which worked great.


The sauce is labeled vegan— not the entire recipe


Did not add salt. With soy sauce/tamari, who needs it?


Doubled the ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil, mushrooms for more flavor. Added shaved brussel sprouts to veg for texture.


When I make my vegan fried rice, I just add in some left over scrambled Just Egg. It's delicious.


Absolutely double the mushroom sauce. You’ll need that for as many servings as this recipe makes. We thought the whole thing was delicious.


This was outstanding! I subbed in some cooked salmon at the end in place of the eggs. Otherwise followed recipe to delicious result. This will be on rotation in our household!

Robyn Parnell

Three T soy sauce (3000 mg sodium); one T dark soy (1400 mg ), 1t kosher salt (1120 mg ), 4 servings = 1380 mg sodium per serving! I might as well lick the saltbox. I like the "fried"-rice-in-oven idea and would love to try this recipe but will have to make some serious modifications. Even with "lite" soy it will be a sodium bomb (and what makes anyone add salt to a recipe containing soy sauce is beyond me. Plus "more to taste"? No wonder American tastebuds are so salt-skewed).


@Miricha, dark soy sauce is much stronger in flavor, and saltier than regular soy sauce. Regular soy tastes saltier, though, because the flavor of soy is stronger in the dark. The two aren’t really interchangeable in recipes.


I don't care for oily sauces, and I almost invariably find that the oil can simply be reduced to whatever is necessary to saute the ingredients (in a cooked sauce) or emulsify the other ingredients (in an uncooked sauce) with no losses for folks like me who see missing an oil drizzle as a good thing.


use less oil and still double other ingredients in the sauce. I didn't have all the rice (I had about a quart). The rice go so crispy and yummy! After cooking the eggs, I mixed it all up together with all the mushrooms. SO GOOD!! we think adding shrimp or chicken would also be great.

Rick Born

The XO sauce is awesome. I didn't have dark soy sauce, so I subbed in half oyster sauce and half fish sauce--really jacked up the umami.


Egg substitutes to make this vegan: We use black salt aka kala namak to give an "eggy" flavor to our vegan fried rice. You'll want to adjust the other salts you add including soy sauce, or it will be too salty. That plus tofu if you like is a great substitute for the eggs.


I use frozen chopped onions. I don’t add them until I’ve given the rice a 10 minute Headstart because they tend to burn. And since I cook the eggs 6 to 7 minutes adding the frozen vegetables at the same time means the lima beans and green beans aren’t cooked. So I’ve changed the timing for the whole recipe. Rice for 10 minutes, add onions and frozen vegetables and stir Cook for five minutes, add the eggs 6 to 7

Add ins

A bit labor intensive but delicious!


The oven fried rice was a home run, especially since my wife loves crispy food. I didn’t add the eggs and we were out of mushrooms. So I made a similar garlic-ginger soy-based sauce, but with onions and scallions instead. Easy and quick!


Sounds delicious.Question: Has anyone used cauliflower rice?


Very tasty and almost as easy is to chop fresh vegetables (broccoli, carrots, snap peas, asparagus, etc) instead of using frozen. Put the rice back in the oven with fresh vegetables for 6 or so minutes and then add the eggs.


Tasty, a bit labor intensive. Also probably too oily; use less oil in the mushroom sauce next time.


this was sooo good. I reduced the amount to one serving as best I could, streamlined recipe and left out egg and onion. Love the idea of preheating the sheet pan. this probably contributed to crispness. Made sauce, added rice and defrosted peas and corn. Added that to sheet pan. roasted at convection 450 for around 15 min. came out crispy and delicious. much better than any fried rice I've made.


I made this loosely, with what I had on hand, but it was so good, I don’t think you can mess it up, as long as you’re not adding bologna! The XO sauce made with mushrooms seals the deal. P.S., if you aren’t vegan, you can add meat.

used fresh veg

I used fresh carrots and peas and they cooked in the same amount of time. Also added tofu.


Make 2 cups of rice


I felt like this was kind of blah without the eggs worked into the rice. It needed something. I used dried sh*take that I rehydrated for the sauce and it never really came together. My partner liked it though.


So easy! The rice comes out crunchy and chewy and the sauce flavors bring just enough punch to make it interesting. Another keeper!


How big is a sheet pan,? Like a cookie sheet?


Husband doesn't like mushrooms, other suggestion for the sauce?


Is that calorie count (1560) really per serving? It must be for the whole recipe....

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Sheet-Pan Fried Rice With Vegan ‘XO’ Sauce Recipe (2024)
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