Historical Markers in West Feliciana Parish (2024)


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St. Francisville is the parish seat for West Feliciana Parish

Adjacent to West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana

Avoyelles Parish(99)

Concordia Parish(28)

East Feliciana Parish(60)

Pointe Coupee Parish(30)

West Baton Rouge Parish(43)

Wilkinson County, Mississippi(89)

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1Louisiana, West Feliciana Parish, Saint Francisville — Jackson HallHistorical Markers in WestFelicianaParish (1)
Grace Parish House 1938 Built 1896 for Knights of Pythias — Map (dbm238132) HM
2Louisiana, West Feliciana Parish, Saint Francisville — John James AudubonJune XVIII, MDCCCXXIHistorical Markers in WestFelicianaParish (2)
During the years of 1821 to 1829 John James Audubon, world renowned naturalist, paintedover 50 birds in West Feliciana Parishfor his volumes, "Birds of America."He lived and studied here for 8 years.This special place was his "Happy . . . — Map (dbm238089) HM
3Louisiana, West Feliciana Parish, Saint Francisville — Mollibert's Cottage1905Historical Markers in WestFelicianaParish (3)
Constructed with Bayou Sara materials by Rudolph Yunkes. 1845 Brick cistern. — Map (dbm238133) HM
4Louisiana, West Feliciana Parish, Saint Francisville — Old Benevolent SocietyHistorical Markers in WestFelicianaParish (4)
Founded 1883. Oldest black burial insurance society in Parish. — Map (dbm238106) HM
5Louisiana, West Feliciana Parish, Saint Francisville — Old Benevolent Society Building11738 Ferdinand Street, St. Francisville, West Feliciana ParishHistorical Markers in WestFelicianaParish (5)
In the aftermath of the Civil War, benevolent societies filled an urgent need for medical care and burials of freed slavesthat had once been filled by the masters of the plantations. As the years passed these societies served as a way toprovide . . . — Map (dbm238150) HM
6Louisiana, West Feliciana Parish, Saint Francisville — St~ FrancisvilleSt. FrancisvilleHistorical Markers in WestFelicianaParish (6)

Emplacement de villages indiensHoumas et Tunica. En 1717,concession française St-Reyne,abandonnée par la suite. Périodescoloniales britannique et espagnolede 1763 à 1810; appartenanceà l'état indépendant de la FlorideOccidentale, . . . — Map (dbm238105) HM
7Louisiana, West Feliciana Parish, St. Francisville — Afton VillaHistorical Markers in WestFelicianaParish (7)
19th Century Gardens, site of famed ante-bellum mansion built in 1849 by David Barrow, once wealthiest planter in W. Feliciana; destroyed by fire in 1963. Tomb of Alexander Barrow, U.S. Senator from La. in 1840's, in family cemetery. — Map (dbm94326) HM
8Louisiana, West Feliciana Parish, St. Francisville — Audubon MemorialHistorical Markers in WestFelicianaParish (8)
Oakley Plantation, 3 miles east, where John James Audubon painted 32 of his "Birds of America." It was built in 1799 by Ruffin Gray and acquired as a state park in 1947 from Miss Lucy Mathews. — Map (dbm85574) HM
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9Louisiana, West Feliciana Parish, St. Francisville — Bayou SaraHistorical Markers in WestFelicianaParish (9)
Founded by John Mills in 1790 as a trading post and cotton port. Bayou Sara was the river port for the Felicianas and was one of the largest shipping ports between Natchez and New Orleans before 1860. — Map (dbm85576) HM
10Louisiana, West Feliciana Parish, St. Francisville — Bayou Sara Depot1888Historical Markers in WestFelicianaParish (10)
Last Vestige of both town and railroad. — Map (dbm128901) HM
11Louisiana, West Feliciana Parish, St. Francisville — British West FloridaHistorical Markers in WestFelicianaParish (11)
The Treaty of Paris (1763) ended the French and Indian War in the American Colonies. France transferred to Britain all its rights to the mainland of America. East of the Mississippi River, excluding New Orleans and its environs. As a result. . . . — Map (dbm110112) HM
12Louisiana, West Feliciana Parish, St. Francisville — Captain Bennett LandingHistorical Markers in WestFelicianaParish (12)
Captain Philip Morris Bennett, Sr. (Ferry pilot from 1930-1965) Ferries were a means of transportingvehicles across the Mississippi River betweenSt. Francisville and New Roads from 1930thru 2012. In the beginning it was theprivately . . . — Map (dbm128899) HM
13Louisiana, West Feliciana Parish, St. Francisville — Courthouse1903Historical Markers in WestFelicianaParish (13)
Site of 1855 structure damaged by Federal gunboats. — Map (dbm110433) HM
14Louisiana, West Feliciana Parish, St. Francisville — Grace Episcopal ChurchHistorical Markers in WestFelicianaParish (14)
As one of Louisiana's oldest Protestant Churches, its history began 1827 in St. Francisville; Investiture came in 1829, with Bishop Polk's Visitation in 1839. Shelled during Civil War, the Church began to rebuild with final restoration in 1880's. — Map (dbm85646) HM
15Louisiana, West Feliciana Parish, St. Francisville — Lt. Commander John E. HartHistorical Markers in WestFelicianaParish (15)
In nearby Grace Church Cemetery is the tomb of Lieut. Commander John E. Hart, U.S. Gunboat Albatross, buried at Episcopal service & with Naval & Masonic honors by Brother Masons of Feliciana Lodge No. 31 F. & A.M., June 11, 1863. Lower . . . — Map (dbm93717) HM
16Louisiana, West Feliciana Parish, St. Francisville — Old Burying GroundHistorical Markers in WestFelicianaParish (16)
Established by 18th Century Capuchin Friars. Second plaque mounted on cemetery gate Mount Carmel Catholic Cemetery For All Faiths and Garden Memorial St. Francisville, Louisiana Established January, 1970. — Map (dbm128904) HM
17Louisiana, West Feliciana Parish, St. Francisville — Our CabooseHistory of ICG 199328Historical Markers in WestFelicianaParish (17)
Our Caboose The colorful caboose that generations once looked for at the end of every freight train is now a thing of the past, replaced by modern technology. History of ICG 199328The St. Francisville Caboose is an important historical . . . — Map (dbm110227) HM
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18Louisiana, West Feliciana Parish, St. Francisville — Propinquity1809Historical Markers in WestFelicianaParish (18)
Spanish Colonial Architecture built on site of original Spanish land grant acquired by William Williams in January 1795. PrivateMap (dbm109937) HM
19Louisiana, West Feliciana Parish, St. Francisville — Rosedown PlantationHistorical Markers in WestFelicianaParish (19)
Spanish Land Grant made in 1789 to John Mills, American Revolutionary soldier. (Founder of Bayou Sara in 1790, Mills was also a leader in the West Florida Rebellion, 1810.) In 1835 Daniel Turnbull built the present home at Rosedown. Lower . . . — Map (dbm87448) HM
20Louisiana, West Feliciana Parish, St. Francisville — The "St. Francisville Democrat"Historical Markers in WestFelicianaParish (20)
Official Journal of West Feliciana Parish since 1892 — Map (dbm128902) HM
21Louisiana, West Feliciana Parish, St. Francisville — The Historic West Feliciana RailroadHistorical Markers in WestFelicianaParish (21)
"When it is considered that the first steam train was run by George Stephenson over the Stockton and Darlington Railway in England in September, 1825:... that Germany's first railroad opened in 1835:... and Russia did not have a practicable road . . . — Map (dbm110286) HM
22Louisiana, West Feliciana Parish, St. Francisville — The MyrtlesHistorical Markers in WestFelicianaParish (22)
Home of the famed Gen. David Bradford, leader of the Whisky Rebellion. The Myrtles was built in 1796 on a Spanish Land Grant. The architecture, elaborate plaster work and lacy ironwork make this twenty room mansion one of Louisiana's most unusual . . . — Map (dbm85647) HM
23Louisiana, West Feliciana Parish, St. Francisville — The Republic of West Florida1810Historical Markers in WestFelicianaParish (23)
The Spanish fort, San Carlos, at Baton Rouge was captured in a rebellion by the citizens of the Florida Parishes, and a Republic was established under the blue flag with a white star.St. Francisville was the capitalThis independent nation, . . . — Map (dbm109953) HM
24Louisiana, West Feliciana Parish, St. Francisville — West Feliciana RailroadHistorical Markers in WestFelicianaParish (24)
One of South’s earliest railroads. Ran from St. Francisville, La. to Woodville, Ms. Idea conceived in 1828 as means of transporting cotton to river. Chartered in 1831. Completed in 1842. In use in Illinois Central System until abandoned in 1978. — Map (dbm86145) HM
25Louisiana, West Feliciana Parish, Wakefield — Wakefield1834Historical Markers in WestFelicianaParish (25)
Built in 1834 by Lewis and Sarah Turnbill Stirling. Two upper stories removed in 1877 to effect partition of estate. Private — Map (dbm119635) HM

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Jul. 9, 2024

Historical Markers in West Feliciana Parish (2024)
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